N-Able (RRM) Remote Monitoring and Management


This Service is aimed at Small to Medium Businesses


N-Able Monitoring Software

Kabuto is a small program which is installed onto your device, it monitors the device and reports back to us any problems which occur




  • Bit Defender Enterprise Anti Malware (Remote Monitored)
  • Remote Configurable Firewall
  • Web page Filtering and Content control
  • Windows Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Program Patch Management
  • Hardware / Windows / Software Remote Monitoring
  • Automated fixes often without you needing to get involved
  • MSP Connect Remote Control Software
  • Monthly Virus / Hardware Email Reports on Request


Patch Management Upgrade

This software can keep Windows and most other programs up to date, increasing your system security as you always have the latest security patches.


Bit Defender Anti Malware

Class leading Anti Malware all remotely monitored and configured


MSP Connect Remote Control Software for remote support.

This remote support software allows us to remotely control you desktop for supporting your system


Hardware and Software Monitoring

This software reports back problems to us generally before you know the problem exists.


Below are some example packages - please ring to tailor these to your requirements.



  • Software Monitoring
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Remote Problem Reporting
  • IT Support @ £45 p/h as required
  • Remote IT Support £25 p/h as required
  • -


  • All Starter Plan Features +
  • Bit Defender Anti Malware
  • Program Patch Management
  • Windows Patch Management
  • IT Support @ £45 p/h as required
  • Remote IT Support @ £25 p/h as required


  • All Professional Plan Features +
  • Pre-Purchase 2 hrs On Site or 4 hrs Remote IT Support / Month
  • Covers up to 5 Devices
  • Priority Responce on Support
  • Out of Hours Emergency Mobile Number
  • -